Rhonda Mohr

Rhonda has been involved in the Trust Quartet ministry since its inception in 1994. Her parents, Buzz and Beverly Beasley began Trust Quartet and although Rhonda was not a singer until 2011, she was very much in the know of what was going on in the group.

Rhonda sang in the praise team at her local church several years before beginning the journey singing alto with Trust. She is married to Jeff and is mom to four grown children. There are five other much younger children who call her MawMaw. Her desire is to let everyone know how much she loves the Lord and adds that one of the best things about singing with Trust Quarter is the overwhelming blessing when you watch and feel the response and the Spirit move upon the people.



Buzz Beasley

Buzz Beasley began Trust Quartet in March 1994 after having sang with His Four and New Ground. He is marries to Beverly Beasley and four adults scattered across Okeechobee county call him dad. Originally from Illinois, Buzz was saved at tent revival in Illinois at 10 years of age. After some time away from the Lord, he realized his need to be in a right relationship with God and since that day has sought to serve Him and not look back! He keeps up with the happenings of today by watching Fox News and considers himself a straight shooter when discussing matters of importance. It's no secret that Buzz enjoyed the Cathedral Quartet back in the day, and if he could put together a dream quartet it would be Danny Funderburk, Glen Payne, Mark Trammel, and George Younce – all Cathedral alumni. Buzz sings bass and manages the group's day to day operations.

Spencer Decker

Spencer hails from Detroit, Michigan and sings the baritone part for Trust Quartet. He is married to Karen and they have five children. Spence is the youngest of nine sons born to Harvey and Verna. He enjoys playing a round of golf every few days and also keeps up with the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Red Wings and Pistons. Having spent timer pastoring in Massachusetts, he also enjoys hearing about the Boston Red Sox. Spence is a fun-loving guy who, by his own admission, has stuck his foot in his mouth a time or two. Make no mistake, though, Spence is serious when is comes to serving God. He longs for people to know him as a person who loves God and is a peaceful man. His wife, Karen, inspires him the most as she has always encourages and builds him up. If you're ever at a Trust Quartet concert and want to make Spence happy – put a smile on your face and be responsive to the Lord's working in your life!

Steve Faison

Steve is a preacher's kid who claims much of South Georgia as home. Also an ordained minister, Steve has pastored churches in Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia before coming to Florida. He is married to Robin and together they have two grown daughters. An avid sports lover, Steve enjoys watching a good ball game, whether live or on television. That's especially true if the team is from Georgia. Whether is it the Atlanta Braves, Falcons, Hawks, and anything Georgia Bulldogs, he's up for that. Steve also has a love for music, especially Southern Gospel. He lists as his favorites the Nelons, Tribute Quartet and the Cathedrals of years past. Inspired most by his dad, he manages the quartet's website and blogs about it, too. Be sure, somewhere on any given weekend, Steve is doing ministry – either singing, preaching, teaching, or some combination of the three.

Beverly Beasley

Beverly is the wife of bass singer, Buzz Beasley. In addition, she has been the sound engineer for the group for many years. Bev is passionate about bringing the group together with her knowledge of the sound board. Her artistry makes the harmonies sound so good. A big ball of energy during set up, she is at the ready early for the group's sound check and warm up. If you see Bev at a concert, she will most likely not be far away from her camera as well. Be prepared with a smile! Of utmost importance, Bev has spent many years in prayer for this group and helps spread the love between us. Her Christian spirit keeps us uplifted and ready to sing. We love and appreciate Bev and are very proud of her and the hard work she routinely performs.

Karen Decker

Karen is the wife of baritone vocalist, Spencer Decker. She is a very special member of the Trust family. Until hindered by work obligations a couple years ago, she was on the bus each time the engine started with her bright smile and a word of encouragement. Now, going on trips whenever possible, Trust Quartet knows that she truly believes, without a hint of question, that "God is still in control!" Karen is a true prayer warrior for all of us and, although she cannot be with us on every mission, her heart and prayers follow us just the same. She willingly stays behind while Spence is away from home, knowing that he is about the Lord's business, one in which they both have been involved in for many years. We love and appreciate her very much.

Jeff Mohr

Jeff Mohr, husband of alto singer, Rhonda, is a tremendous asset to Trust Quartet on the road. He is willing to do whatever the job is needed to ensure the smooth transition from riding on the bus to everything being unloaded and set up. Not only does Jeff unload and load equipment, he drives the bus on occasion, take pictures, runs for bottles of water, and is ready to help any way possible. Whether greeting concert attendees or waiting for the next signal from someone needing help, Jeff is always ready. Jeff possesses a great sense of humor and his demeanor welcomes people to get to know him. Discussions with Jeff on the bus generally revolve around his recent bible studies or his love of the outdoors. Trust loves and appreciates the ministry of Jeff Mohr!

Pat Daunt -
Retired September 2016

Pat is the director of Trust Promotions. A real go-getter, she is the one responsible for booking Trust Quartet everywhere she can. Pat's infectious personality shows in her great love for the Lord and the group. Pat continues to work tirelessly toward scheduling Trust Quartet in as many venues as possible. Like all the trust family, Pat is ready to dig her heels in and help out wherever needed. Pat is certainly loved and appreciated for her great spirit and her tireless support and prayers.

John Daunt
- John went home to be with the Lord in November 2013

Our hearts were saddened that we are now separated from our earthly friend, but rejoice in the assurance that he has reached his heavenly reward and is basking in the very presence of God. The following were characteristics and traits we came to love and admire about John while he walked among us. We leave it here a while longer in his memory.

"Where would we be without John? John is a great Christian brother, always ready with a hug and a smile. Often, John drives out bus down the many miles of highways, they totes our equipment before and after concerts, setting it up and tearing it down. He is ready to do anything that is needed to make a successful concert. John is a kind and loving gentleman who puts everyone with whom he connects as ease. He is a cheerleader, encourager, and prayer warrior. A handshake from John Daunt lets you know that all will be well. John is a great supporter of the group with his hard work and his devotion to the Kingdom. We love and appreciate our Brother John very much."