Buzz Words
Here is an open letter to our friends from our leader, Buzz Beasley


Hello to all our friends, fans, followers, and family. Over the many years Beverly and I have been traveling and serving in our singing ministry, we have met a large number of people who have become good friends and God has blessed us in ways we cannot describe. During the years we have been ministering the Lord has always met our needs without asking for special consideration or support over and above what donations and love offerings that were received from concerts.

When we knew the Lord was calling us to start a singing ministry, our youngest of four children was about to move away from home leaving us empty nesters, so to speak. Ok, here we are looking at one another and knowing in our hearts God was leading us in a direction that we could not financially afford. Why would God call us to something as costly as a singing ministry? We had no equipment, no way to get it there, and no members to sing with when we got there! We didn't ebbed have an idea where "there" would be.

In pursuit of this calling we gathered enough equipment to get started, and over a period of time the Lord made it possible for three other people desiring to sing to meet, and to our amazement it all came together in a rather short time. Ain't God good?! All the time!

Hauling our equipment in a pick-up truck with three cars following, we looked like a caravan going down the road. Often getting up at 3 or 4 o'clock on Sunday morning to make it to church on time, taking naps on church pews, and changing clothes in church restrooms, all while praising God, we were singing! Later, after re-mortgaging our home we bought a BUS and updated our equipment, enabling us to present ourselves in a more professional manner.

I previously mentioned that several good people have come into the group and moved on to other ministries. We are honored that God allowed us to share in the preparation for their ministries and felt this multiplied ours. We give God all the praise for having these opportunities.

The biggest blessing of all we are still on the road singing after all these years. We serve with wonderful people who give one hundred percent of themselves. They never ask for a penny, in fact, they contribute with monetary donations or tithe on a regular basis, which in part allows Trust Quartet to continue singing.

Why am I sharing all this with you? To make it known that Trust Quartet is a non-profit organization, certified with the IRS to receipt you for all donations. Therefore, I am qualifying our need for your financial intervention in helping this ministry continue. The Lord said, "Ye have not because ye ask not." Woe be it of me not to ask! Trust Quartet has no thoughts of quitting or slowing down and with your support we, together, will continue in His work touching people by singing songs of praise to our Lord. As long as He opens doors Trust will walk through them with excitement and joy in our hearts until HE sees fit for us to no longer continue.